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Beijing 5 a/h1n1 flu patients discharged apologize again

5 patients with confirmed influenza a (H1N1) in Beijing yesterday recovered from Mr Zhang. Due to the onset of the on line 10 subway, zhang apologized again. He wants to experience, to remind all from the epidemic area the returnees, cooperate with the government epidemic prevention measures, health watch that occupy the home seriously in seven days, minimize the contacts.

at 5 PM on May 31, ditan hospital hospital building, normally closed south gate open, wearing a mask, dressed in a beige T-shirt and dark sweatpants under medical personnel to accompany Mr Zhang out of.

on May 21, Mr. Zhang, 46, returned to Beijing from Canada. For not pay attention to home "from the popular Beijing 7 days don't meet" government, Mr. Zhang is not only by a friend pick up to go home, still go out to eat, and take the subway line 10 in the May 22 to zhongguancun bank. 22 evening, Mr Zhang sore throat, cough and other symptoms. 24, confirmed late.

after 7 days of Chinese and western medicine combined with antiviral treatment, yesterday, Mr Zhang has completely recovered.

in the face of lens, flanked by Mr. Zhang thank you bother to media concern. He said I hope through the media. "Because of my negligence, affected many people's normal life, work, also cause waste of public resources", Mr Zhang says, especially to the isolated by close contact with oneself citizens feel sorry, the inconvenience to you, please forgive me."