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Zhejiang found the second confirmed swine flu cases all contacts

the morning of May 31, in zhejiang province's first a/H1N1 flu patients relieved isolation. The same day, in the afternoon, in zhejiang province health department announced that zhejiang found a case of imported cases of the influenza a (H1N1). This is the second swine flu cases in zhejiang province.

the patients with confirmed as women, 39 years old, Chinese, residents of hangzhou.

on May 17th, patients go to Australia tourism, 18, arrived in Australia, Melbourne living relatives. At 7:30 in the morning on May 30 (local time), on cathay Pacific airways flight CX134 (64 e) seat number off from Melbourne, Australia, in the afternoon on May 30 sets arrived at Hong Kong airport, 8 from Hong Kong airport transfer to Hong Kong dragon airlines flight KA622 (seat number 36 a), arrive to hangzhou xiaoshan international airport, the persons in Hong Kong during transit through left the airport.

patients after arrived at hangzhou xiaoshan international airport, the customs clearance by zhejiang hangzhou airport inspection and quarantine bureau offices found have fever influenza-like symptoms (oral temperature of 37. 9 ℃), that is, according to defense spreading mechanism by the health department connected to the people's hospital of xiaoshan sampling detection and isolation treatment.

on May 31 early morning, hangzhou center for disease control and prevention, laboratory tests, and report the patient specimens were tested positive for influenza a (H1N1) virus nucleic acid. According to the results of the patients' clinical and epidemiological investigation on May 31 at 6:30, provincial expert group consultation, diagnosis of the patient for influenza a (H1N1) suspected cases. May 31 17:00, provincial panel review results, according to the provincial CDC laboratory diagnosis of imported cases of the influenza a (H1N1), and patient samples will be sent to the Chinese center for disease control and prevention laboratory.