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33 patients with confirmed a/h1n1 flu in mainland China

Beijing municipal health bureau yesterday input sex confirmed a/H1N1 flu cases, 8 patients for chinese-canadian girl at the age of 7.

30 May 16, the girl in the mother accompanied by AC031 flight, by Canada in Beijing. Enter the quarantine mark screening temperature 38. 1 ℃, by 120 ambulance directly transferred to the barricade ditan hospital treatment. On May 31, be judged to be confirmed a/H1N1 flu cases.

Beijing municipal health bureau, said spokesman Deng Xiaohong at present, the children in stable condition, stable vital signs. Health authorities are tracking the same aircraft 59 close contacts, contact address for Beijing passengers 25 people, has been the Beijing CDC department to track; 34 contact address as one of the passengers in other provinces and cities has investigation by the related provinces and cities. Some contact person have been placed under medical observation, not currently found symptoms.

health departments to remind:

around 4:00 PM on May 30, on AC031 flights from Beijing passengers, pay close attention to their health, once appear, fever and flu-like symptoms, should wear masks to hospital in time, avoid taking public transportation, or immediately report to the local disease control department, assist in clinic by CDC.

the diagnosis of 68 patients (last night)

Beijing 8 (3 people have cure)

1 shandong (cure)

11 people in guangdong (1 person has cure)

4 fujian (1 person has cure)

1 sichuan (cure)

Shanghai five people (1 person has cure)

Zhejiang 2

1 person