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Hubei found the first imported influenza a (H1N1) suspected cases

the evening of May 31, health department of hubei province received provincial CDC report, 1 case of fever cases fixed-point treatment in wuhan city's hospitals. According to the clinical manifestations, epidemiological investigation and laboratory test results, a preliminary diagnosis of imported influenza a (H1N1) suspected cases.

patients, male, 20 years old, people in wuhan city, presently for Canadian students. Canada time the evening of May 24 patients via South Korea to guangzhou by plane, stay in guangzhou for 2 days, 28, when 20 55 points from guangzhou by T120 trains spread) (7, 14, on 29th at 7:40 a.m. back to wuhan.

in the morning, on May 30 patients stayed itchy throat, dizziness, 21 self-test when the temperature is 37. 6 ℃, when 22 40 points by his father since the drive to wuhan tongji hospital fever clinics, hospital check pharyngeal hyperemia, tonsil Ⅰ degree of swelling, body temperature of 37. 4 ℃. 31 at 2 in the morning by the negative pressure ambulances transferred to the emergency center in wuhan city of wuhan fixed-point negative pressure treatment hospital ward. The centers for disease control and prevention in wuhan city and hubei province center for disease control and prevention of patients with pharyngeal swab specimens were tested respectively, and the results were positive for influenza a (H1N1) nucleic acid. Hubei province health department organize provinces and cities two level expert group consultation, preliminary diagnosed patients as imported influenza a (H1N1) suspected cases.

at present, the patients in stable condition, no difficulty breathing and body temperature of 37 ℃. After verification, a total of 14 people close contacts, has for centralized medical observation; For other 34 medicine tracked objects that occupy the home medical observation, the researchers have not found the symptoms. Hubei provincial party committee, provincial government attaches great importance to, request earnestly treat patients and medical staff own protection work, start the corresponding contingency plans, implement the prevention and control measures.