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Medical experts are calling for science to give up smoking

the Chinese medical association respiratory neurology, standing committee member and secretary, WHO alliance of chronic respiratory diseases (GARD) consultant professor jiang-tao Lin pointed out that not only through small warning labels on cigarette packets to exhort smokers to quit smoking, should also guide quitters adopt the appropriate way to quit smoking. Under the guidance of professional doctors, remove the doubts of the smokers, offer effective treatment, can better help smokers get rid of nicotine dependence.

although quitting smoking is very urgent to have with a rare disease, but actively seek doctor yet little helper, wrong concept to a large extent influence the choices of quitters. Many smokers know the dangers of smoking on the body, many people adopt the method of dry up, neither by auxiliary measures, such as drug treatment, psychological consultation, etc.) and suddenly stop smoking. Epidemiological data showed that tries to use the dry method of quitters, 1 year after only a few people can keep don't smoke.

the same confusion also appears on the choice of smoking cessation drugs. Now in the market for various smoking cessation drugs, the good and bad are intermingled. Drugs, how to choose the most suitable for yourself, what can you do to ensure that the drugs to the existing disease does not produce stimulation, a lack of professional knowledge they have no choice. "These smokers should go to a doctor as early as possible, follow the doctor's advice and professional guidance." Professor jiang-tao Lin emphasized.