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The who report added more than two thousand confirmed cases of influenza around the world

as of 30, Beijing time 14, the world health organization confirmed 54 countries and regions in the world a total of 15510 cases of influenza a (H1N1) confirmed cases, with 2112 new cases of compared with the last report; The death cases, 99 cases, compared with the last report four new cases. Countries such as Canada, Mexico, Australia, panama, reports the latest confirmed cases are better than the day before more than 20 cases.

Mexico's health ministry says, the relevant institutions to have archive the suspected cases of specimens for virus detection, so the diagnosis confirmed cases and deaths continue to increase, but the flu outbreak in Mexico "remain slow trend". Mexico is still the country with the largest number of confirmed cases, a total of 5029 cases.

the Canadian public health bureau released the latest statistics, 218 cases of the new flu cases over the past two days Canada, confirmed cases rose to 1336 cases, including 2 cases of death. 29 and public health bureau issued travel warnings, reminding with flu symptoms both at home and abroad should be a moratorium on the trip.

the panama's health ministry announcement said, 23 cases of confirmed cases increased again in panama, a total of 130 cases, the majority of reported cases in the capital of panama. 81 of them recovered, the rest of the 49 people home quarantine and treatment. Panama's health ministry says, panama confirmed cases surge, because a few days ago to detect virus reagent used up, accumulated about hundred cases waiting for inspection, 27 to normal detection work.

the department of health report 12 cases of newly diagnosed cases of influenza a (H1N1), the total number of infected people to rise to 215. New cases in England, including 10 children with England a school in the Midwest outbreaks of influenza a (H1N1).

Singapore has reported 4 cases of confirmed swine flu cases. Singapore 29, announced that it will set up a team of scientists, research local influenza a (H1N1) virus gene, to determine whether similar to influenza a (H1N1) virus genes in other countries, or have to change. Singapore health minister khaw boon wan said, at present the key is not how many of the cases, but the nature of the virus.