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Hangzhou found the first imported influenza a (H1N1) confirmed cases

7 PM last night, hangzhou government meetings, reporting of hangzhou in the first imported cases of influenza a (H1N1) outbreak. Municipal party committee secretary wang instructions, full treatment of the patients with my current job will be the priority of hangzhou response to influenza a (H1N1). Both to ensure that no local primary cases and community ii cases, and to ensure that no deaths caused by the delay treatment. CAI qi, mayor, declared the public health emergencies prevention and control of hangzhou Ⅱ plan officially launched, and deployed according to the a/H1N1 flu prevention and control work.

today, 4 PM every day, health bureau of hangzhou will report new cases of influenza a (H1N1) epidemic situation.

patients in Melbourne travel

grocery supermarkets and casino

hangzhou the first imported influenza a (H1N1) confirmed cases for women, surnamed guo, Chinese, hangzhou lake the residents.

on May 17th, Ms. Guo alone one person traveling to Melbourne, Australia, in Melbourne during live in relatives. She was in a local store supermarket shopping, and some restaurants.

on May 24, she visit to Melbourne's crown casino. In the afternoon, in the cinema seen a movie casino.

local time at 7 am on May 30, Ms. Guo on cathay Pacific airways flight CX134 (seat number 64 e) fly from Melbourne to Hong Kong, Beijing time at 3 PM on May 30, arrived at the head of the Hong Kong international airport.

arrived in Hong Kong, she only stay within the international airport, not out of the airport.

she said, in Australia, had contact with relatives during one doll has a cough, but did not see a doctor, the specific condition is unknown.

patients was found in the airport

is not alone in hangzhou city

in the evening at 8, Ms. Guo transfer to dragonair flight KA622 return to hangzhou, when the evening 10 to 15 points to xiaoshan international airport.

30 May at 11 PM, hangzhou city health bureau reported from xiaoshan international airport, one from the Hong Kong entry flight KA622 passengers have a fever and flu-like symptoms.

after the reception, the city health bureau immediately according to the regulation of defense mechanism of spreading process, notify the xiaoshan public health bureau sent 120 ambulances will be suspicious patients transferred to the first people's hospital of xiaoshan district under observation, and immediately on the investigation and sampling test.

as a result, patients are not alone in hangzhou city, no contact with the taxi driver, not in the community. The general public, please rest assured.

4 am on May 31, the city CDC report the patient "throat swab specimens of influenza a (H1N1) virus nucleic acid" test result is positive, at the same time, the samples will be sent to the provincial center for disease control review.

on May 31, 6, zhejiang provincial expert group consultation, diagnosis of the patient for influenza a (H1N1) suspected cases.

at 5 PM on May 31, the provincial expert group review results, according to the provincial CDC laboratory diagnosis of imported cases of the influenza a (H1N1), and patient specimens will be sent to the Chinese center for disease control and prevention laboratory.

according to expert opinions, diagnosis and treatment of the patients have transferred to the city hospital isolation. At present, the oral temperature of 37. 9 ℃, had mild flu-like symptoms such as sore throat, cough, good mental state.

close contacts have been quarantine

with Ms. Guo before and after the three rows and on the same flight had close contact with close contacts, a total of 30 people, plus four crew members, a total of 34 people.

hangzhou city health bureau has isolation and medical observation for relevant personnel. To close contacts and other 80 flights with passengers, hangzhou city health bureau has informed the local health department to track and to carry out the prevention and control measures.

flight from the airport to do a good job of disinfection.

hangzhou the a/H1N1 flu epidemic prevention and control

enter the critical period

the mayor CAI qi said, as the provincial capital city hangzhou and international tourist city landscape, foreign economic and cultural exchanges frequent, population mobility, migrant workers, tourism staff, returned overseas Chinese and students studying abroad is more, imported cases and close contacts in flu cases may occur at any time, the epidemic situation is very grim.

the first confirmed case of the emergence of the symbol of hangzhou has launched public emergency Ⅱ level emergency response mechanism. Suggest citizens scientific prevention and control, develop good health habits, don't panic, the a/H1N1 flu is preventable, controllable and treatable.