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Shenzhen to report three cases of confirmed swine flu cases


shenzhen center for disease control and prevention reports, the city and found two fires were 3 cases of imported cases of the influenza a (H1N1), including 2 cases together go to the city's third people's hospital students to stay in the United States, another 1 case for shenzhen inspection and quarantine bureau of shenzhen bay port to the city of the third people's hospital patients with fever from Canada.

three patients are now in the third people's hospital of shenzhen isolation treatment, stable condition; At present, has determined the 15 close contacts, 6 has been sent to the designated isolation effect at shenzhen medical observation, did not set out heat and other flu-like symptoms. Other close contacts are trying to trace.

go to the city of the third people's hospital in 2 patients with Chinese women are blood sisters, respectively for 20 years and 18 years old, live in shenzhen luohu district wide ridge. May 27 (local time), two patients from New York to flight CX841 (seat number 20 d and 20 f) to Hong Kong. On May 28, 14 patients arrived at Hong Kong airport, the bus at 18 through dahuang port entry. Entry after 18:30 taking a taxi to the elder sister's house (luohu district wide ridge home) for dinner, when 20 from the home to take a taxi to the hotel, MOTEL 168 Luo Fang stores check-in (not ask for the ticket). On May 29, from the hotel to take a taxi home (10 when get on the bus, they got home, did not ask for ticket) dinner, not go out.

on May 29, at 8, sister symptoms of cough, stuffy nose. On May 29, 22, sister fever symptoms. Two patients at 10 a.m. on May 30, when accompanied by their relatives from home to the city the third people's hospital, taking a taxi ride in patients without wearing a mask, did not open the window, also did not ask for the ticket.

by the shenzhen inspection and quarantine bureau of shenzhen bay port to city the third people's hospital for Canadian citizenship, 1 case of women at the age of 13, on May 29, from Toronto, Canada on AC15 flights to Hong Kong (seat number 36 b), on May 30, wherewith he arrived in Hong Kong, by Hong Kong China travel bus (license plate: guangdong ZJA35 port) 15 by the shenzhen bay port of entry. Entry inspection and quarantine researchers found that when the temperature anomaly, by the special vehicles transferred to 120 emergency center city in the third people's hospital.