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Men drinking was susceptible to mammary gland hyperplasia affect sex hormones into each other

since 17 year old daughter has suffered from severe liver disease, Lao zhang spiritual decadence, the mood is very depressed, often drink. Shortly before he found his own breast pain, but also some swelling. He went to the hospital to check, the result is a diagnosis of mammary gland hyperplasia.

mammary gland of henan province hospital chief physician Li Zhongyu said, men of mammary gland hyperplasia in adolescence and old age, generally can be divided into two broad categories, primary and secondary, primary normally with adolescent boys and older man is, mainly for the endogenous estrogen transient rise or decline caused by androgen, often can fade; Secondary, testicular disease is common in patients with liver disease, adrenal disease, thyroid disease, diabetes, and urogenital system or nervous system tumors, prostate disease, long-term use of estrogens, long-term use of some medicines, or other disease, such as reserpine, digitalis, chlorpromazine, could also cause breast development, general can fade after drug withdrawal.

if found themselves with male breast enlargement, should go to the hospital diagnosed as soon as possible, if is a physiological or drugs-induced, need not too nervous, can regress or fade after drug withdrawal, if is pathological, give should be aimed at pathogeny cure. For men of mammary gland hyperplasia and TCM syndrome differentiation treatment curative effect, there are not many western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, the side effects of hormone drugs.