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"Road map" to quit smoking: willpower, medical assistance, social support

Shanghai changzheng hospital, second military medical university, professor qing jade, points out that the repaired willpower, medical assistance, as well as the family and social support for smoking cessation behavior is an effective "road map" to get rid of smoking, "three-pronged" can improve the success rate of quitting smoking.

qing yu said, quitting smoking is difficult because they are difficult to tolerate due to smoking leads to a series of "nicotine withdrawal symptoms", or what we commonly known as the "smoke", such as concentration, fatigue, irritability, anxiety, etc.

he pointed out that most people make the mistake of thinking that willpower alone can successfully quit smoking, but these withdrawal symptoms by willpower alone is difficult to resist. Survey data show that alone the willpower to quit smoking, nearly 80% of smokers who just started smoking again within a week, adhere to quit smoking a year accounts for only 2. 5%. So in the process of quit smoking need medical help.

qing yu said, in view of the smoking cessation of withdrawal symptoms, the world health organization recommends drug therapy mainly have three kinds, namely nicotine replacement therapy, nicotine receptor partial agonist therapy and represented by bupropion antidepressant medication. Among them, the nicotine replacement therapy is the method of using chewing gum or skin patch release a small amount of nicotine, thus alleviate withdrawal symptoms, match the willpower to quit smoking.

he said, to give up smoking chewing gum and patch can release a small amount of medicinal nicotine, help smokers to reduce smoking cessation of anxiety and irritability. Medicinal nicotine uptake by gradually reducing, the body gradually adapt to continuously reduce nicotine, until finally completely get rid of addiction.

is the 22nd world no tobacco day on May 31, this year's theme is "tobacco health warnings," slogan is "graphic warnings to expose smoke harm the truth".

"" tobacco health warnings" must start from the medical staff." Qing yu said, statistics show that at present our country male doctor smoking rate is about 56%.