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Chen: autumn winter or a second wave to get ready for your arrival

in 29 on the morning of the ministry of health and the health department of guangdong province video consultation conference, minister of health Chen zhu fully affirmed the a (H1N1) flu prevention and control work in our province.

Chen zhu pointed out that the guangdong provincial party committee, provincial government and guangzhou, shenzhen, party and government leadership attaches great importance to the a/H1N1 flu prevention and control work, health system have done a lot of solid work, the prevention and control work carried out orderly. Especially guangzhou and shenzhen two outbreaks disposal work difficulty is bigger, but the work of guangdong is very active and decisive, timely detection of cases and cases of second generation, in a short period of time has carried out a large number of epidemiological investigations, in a timely manner to take all the necessary control measures, minimize the risk of the spread of disease.