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Beijing new two confirmed cases one many close contacts

Beijing with 2 new cases of 30 imported cases of the influenza a (H1N1), one of the patients with Ms. Bao, a patient li mou. Now li mou close contacts of patients with only 2 people, their parents have been admitted to a designated place for medical observation, found no symptoms. Another patient Ms. Bao activity complex in Beijing, Beijing municipal CDC department has traced its close contact with 85 people, the Beijing municipal health bureau to remind, 9 in 28 with bao one in tiananmen square in Beijing tourism distribution center to ride the bus to the Great Wall a day trip to the Ming tombs of tourists pay close attention to their health.

30 days, the Beijing municipal health bureau, said that American teacher Ms. Bao now at sociology department in a university in the United States, she and three crew UA851 (seat number D18) flight from Chicago, 26, arrived at the capital airport T3 terminal in the afternoon.

according to Ms. Bao I reflect, 28 discomfort after dinner, the self-test body temperature is 37. After 2 degrees Celsius, got a call from the outside dongcheng district east care physician told that one line of four people accepted the health monitoring, and to get the health care physician health propaganda and guidance. 29, a line of four people in the hotel to rest, not go out. Ms. Bao not seen better after taking the drug by oneself, when the temperature is the highest for 38. One degree Celsius. East health care physician for its 120 calls, fever clinics to be sent to the Beijing military region general hospital. Beijing military region general hospital for respiratory virus check, after consultation for influenza a (H1N1) for screening.

after receiving the report, the dongcheng district center for disease control immediately to the scene investigation and handling, patients with pharyngeal swab samples send city CDC laboratory for testing, who tested positive for influenza a (H1N1) virus nucleic acid.

according to Ms. Bao description, she didn't contact within one week before the onset of fever cases or other patients with respiratory symptoms. During her time in America, she live in a city more than hundreds of cases of influenza a (H1N1) cases, where the university occurred in 1 case, but not in its place in the college.

according to the regulation of the ministry of health, the department of the Beijing CDC survey, 26, and Ms. Bao flight in Beijing airport fast road line of passengers, passengers are not belong to the category of close contacts, and relevant personnel only self-observation, symptomatic medical care can be. Ms. Bao close contacts of three people, including field, as well as the hotel staff in the dining room, travel together, taxi drivers, etc. Patients visited the place, has been in a vehicle terminal disinfection.